Pant/Skirt Hangers

MAWA pant and skirt hangers work better, last longer and have a tenacious grip.
  • Stronger clips with 5-coil torsion springs (youll usually find 3 coils) for better holding power.
  • 30% more holding power with Super Grippy coated clips.
  • Clamp-style MawaMat hangers with a tenacious grip feature a smooth-operating nylon mechanism automatically adjusts to any size pant cuffs.
  • Hofit and Rofit series hangers are totally unique in design, using gentle spring tension to keep creases, folds and pleats just as they should be, fresh and crisp to keep you looking your best!
  • KH-series pants hangers may look familiar but theyre not what youve seen elsewhere. Precise engineering produces a product that hangs perfectly level. Super Grippy coating means pants wont slide off.

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